Plant & Tree Selection

We suggest our clients to choose plants and trees which grow well when matched to site condition. Plants and trees can boost the value of your property and add to the beauty when you select the right trees and plants for your landscape.

Hard Surfaces

Decking: A deck can add both style and value to your property. We offer decking services to enhance the space of your garden and ensure that you will experience the cheerful feel of your new deck.

Paving: We specialize in landscape paving service for pathways, driveways, landscape feature walls, courtyard design and landscape construction. Concrete design: We can help you to achieve a new look to your garden by either adding or expanding a driveway, walkway, sidewalk, steps, patio, footings, mow strip, pads or epoxy flooring.

Instant Turf Installation

Extensive grass reflects the beauty of any garden and you have the choice between the real grass and synthetic grass but how do you decide which is best for you?

Here at Melbourne Landscaping Group and Home Services, we provide you with guidelines and tips before making a decision.

Installing synthetic grass will save your water bills and maintenance fees. Synthetic grass controls weeding and lawn mowing. Synthetic grass looks great all year round in all the seasons. Synthetic grass excludes fertilizer usage and reduces allergy triggers. Synthetic grass is pet and child friendly too.

You can’t compare anything to the feel that we derive from real grass. If you love to enjoy the feel and nourishment of cool real grass, then we provide instant turf installation service for you. We adopt scientific and ecofriendly method in installation.

Weed Control & Aerating

Keeping the lawn weed free is not an easy task. Weeds survive in all climates irrespective of the season. We provide both manual and chemical weed control services to keep your garden clean and beautiful.

Aeration service is provided to enhance the movement of water and nutrients within the soil that will greatly benefit the roots. Lawn aeration encourages worms, micro fauna and micro flora and also keeps your lawn healthy, since the oxygen and organic fertilizers reach the root system properly.

Soil Conditioning & Mulching

When you think your soil needs to be conditioned, remember to call us. We provide organic soil conditioning service to provide healthier, hardier and more vibrant plants to our customers. Our soil conditioning service will support your plants without applying chemical fertilizers regularly. We provide seasonal mulching service to protect your garden as mulching is the best method to avoid weeds.

Garden Lighting

We can enhance your property’s value and your pride of ownership through our garden lighting service. It increases safety and reduces risk around walkways, decks, pools, spas and other landscape features.

Garden Irrigation

We are experts at creating and installing sprinkler systems for residential and commercial properties. We install all systems professionally and utilize premium components and materials for all the projects.

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